Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gods Will and Your destiny.

Dear friends,
This year, 2006, started as a marvelous one for me. In a way it is harmonious with the swing of last part of year 2005. Reached most of my personal goals and in most cases achieved more than expected. But, like every other instances of life, it also comes with ups and down. These ups and downs in life are just another way by The Almighty Jesus Christ, reminding the humans to believe in God and also keep up the good faith as his beloved son Jesus Christ. Also, to reiterate what he want us to learn from Bible and to lead a life in accordance with his holy commandments. I often think this is required in all humans life .When we achieve most we look forward for, and reach all our personal goals, we often tend to loose track in some other faces of our life. It can be in our faith in God, or in spiritual life or in our personal commitments to family, friends and society. In short, when we work hard to achieve our personal goals, often we tend to deliver less in some other areas than our holy father expected from us. So these down points are definitely a check point to look back on what we have done till now and correct our life’s in accordance with our faith. After having one or two instances like this in life, people will try to have this check points as part of their lifestyle or it become habitual. This will definitely help them to stay focused on their purpose of life. Life is not about achieving every thing in life. It’s all about achieving and delivering consistently what is expected from you to your family, friends and community. Personal achievements are just one of the measuring points and not every thing.

Last week, I have gone through similar kind of check point in my life. As I stated above, I thought I am an over achiever in year 2006. But I realized that I am not. I have failed in some aspects during grading. Is this means I am a complete failure? Not at all! This is just like a class room quiz and I scored less in that. The real examination of our life is when we join with Our Holy Father. This is just an input from Our Holy Father to correct what I have done wrong and deliver what he expects from me in all facets of my life.

Today I realized how to lead a Christian life and how joyful it is. How to grow up to my earnest expectation in my life: Judge Not ... Condemn not ... be gracious always and be quick to forgive. Also rise to the expectations of Our Savior Holy Father. I realized that our destiny is in the hands of Our Savior Jesus Christ and we need to follow his path and his teachings to reach that. This life is short and Our Savior Christ expects us to be successful in this journey towards him. He is the light and the leader and we are members of his holy troop – The Church. We need to say "Aye Aye Sir" and follow what he commanded us to do. This is going to be a challenge for each one of us, because we are surrounded with the peers who are distractions in our holy journey. These are people who believe in the earthly pleasures and they always persuade us to join their way rather than follow Our Savior Jesus Christ. They may twist your words, deeds and thoughts, portray you as a person of negative thoughts and engage with you in dialogue to reach their stated goals and mission.

Be watchful and vigil to these distractions. Behold to your faith and stand by his words and commandments of Our Savior Jesus Christ. He will definitely lead us and our souls to our eternal destination: To join with Our Holy Father. This is my earnest expectation for all my friends.

Shibu Raj


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