Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Memory Management in .Net CLR

Memory management is always a problem while writting computer programs. New generation tools and languages gives some flexibility for the programmers in terms of easy memory management, the programmers are not always free to do what ever they want. These restrictions are always good in a way, but decreases the productivity, misses the project deadlines etc etc...

Last week, the project I am working on also had a very funny memory leak issue. Its mainly written in VB.Net CLR 1.1 version. Application starts using the memory and its keeps the memory till its dies out. The GC is not working effectively as it is supposed to be. Based on this issue, I went to searching for any clues for this issue. I came across some interesting arcticles on .Net CLR and memory management. Now terms like "Non-deterministic finalization", Large Objects , WeakReferences() etc .

This week I will be working on this issue and I will post if any concrete results arise out of my quest to get rid of this memory leak issue.

-- Shibu Raj


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