Friday, August 05, 2005

System Catalog Views in DB2

Today, DevX accepted the proposal for my second paper for their database zone. This time I am going to write about System Catalog views in DB2. I and editor, Glen, had a discussionon elaborating this to other database systems as well to cater a wider audience. Definitely I will look in to the prospect of having that when I start writing. I can't say any thing 100% till I reach first draft. After that only I can say where the article is going and how it is going to be during publication.

The preparation and research for this paper will continue for a minimum of three weeks before I start writing. I will post more details as soon as my research work is over. Right now I have given the title as System Catalog Views in DB2 UDB An introduction for application programmers. I am sure the final one will be different from this one.

Stay tuned my friend.

Shibu Raj


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