Thursday, August 18, 2005

Statement of Purpose for PhD Program

To apply for PhD program in most college, it is required for the students to submit a personal statement describing why they need a PhD and why they choose a particular college. Since I am applying for PhD at DePaul University, I also need to submit the same as soon as I can. So thought of preparing the same, I searched the web to see what I need to cover under Statement of Purpose, what are the important points I need to highlight in that and what admissions officer or the professors really look for in this.
Here are some of the links which will help you, If you are in the process of preparing one. I am sure any one who does a google will get this. I thought of putting this here as a ready reference for my readers.

The last one seems like a good work book for any one who needs some help in writting as well.

Shibu Raj


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