Thursday, August 04, 2005

SMILE - What it means for you?

SMILE is one of those words which you might learn from childhood days. Mom or Dad will ask you to smile when you are very young and you might have done the same with out knowing what and how it is, or the expression you gave that time might have interpreted as a smile possibly. Either way; one thing for sureit made your Mom or Dad so happy and made them really smile for a second on behalf on you. This is pleasing and encouraging experience that you can make someone smile at least for a bit.

As you grew up and learned the first set of words, smile might have been one among them. There you came to know what it means, its purpose, when, where and how you should smile. It is just one thing you need for any humble and honorable beginning. For example, I am sure you might have smiled at your boyfriend or girlfriend before talking to him or her. So we can say smile is the best way to start something which needs to last long in your life. I assume most of you agree to this.

Now, lets examine what smile means in our daily life. Like anyone in 21st century, I pulled up a Google window and typed smile and hit enter button. Google has a hell lot to give you, nothing worth mentioninghere. But it also offered the definition of word SMILE from dictionary and acronym from acronym finder. Dictionary defines smile as - a kind of facial expression. This we know from our kindergarten itself.

Acronym finder has an interesting acronym for smile - which I want to talk about. It defines smile as Service Makes Individual Lives Exciting. Truly this is lot better than dictionary definition. This acronym has something to do with human life our daily life. Its true that by having a smile you can make others happy, make your life exciting andnew friends. It provides a good platform to show that you believe in other person you are interacting with. All human beings wants acknowledgmentand smile provides thisto the people youinteract or work with. When you start talking to people with athey will try to heed you. They will accept and appreciate your ideas and lot more than any other time. Besides; by having a smile you are making others feel good and happy. Most people strive to be happy and they love those who help them in achieving that. In-turn, others will give you a smile and try to make to happy. In short; smile will help you to gain respect, position and more friends. The impulse of this in your daily life will move on to your family life, your work and more over increase your confidence and positive thinking.

Lets start practicing the art of SMILE - Service Makes Individual Lives Exciting. May the almighty Jesus Christ give you the strength and courage to practice the art of SMILE. This is my earnest expectation for all humans in this world and the world to come especially my earnest expectation for you - my friend.

Shibu Raj



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