Friday, August 12, 2005

Objectivity – An endangered character in human beings

Objectivity is defined as, in my words, analyze and judge things happening around you or in your life based on facts. The dictionary definition also goes well with my definition. In dictionary, Objectivity, when used as noun, is defined as judgment based on observable phenomena and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices. In short, there is no space for personal emotions or preference. How many of you have this character? I know, my emotions and preference affect the decisions I make. But I am very careful, to make sure that, it doesn’t affect anyone else personal life. Because we are not supposed enter into another person’s life, unless we are so close to him. Besides, it’s not fair to impose your emotional decisions to another person’s life.Its not fair from my prespective.

But, does this word have any relevance in this consumerist, capitalistic world? Does this make any sense in 21st century? Does any once care about all these? I truly agree with my fellow friends, who are of the opinion that, no one cares about the above questions. No one cares about any one else other than his own welfare. Is this right practice or a trait? Most say, yes it is. I also agree to that view, to 90 percent. The reason is no one else thinks about this at all. Then why should we? But it’s not at all a good trait to be passed on to next generation. Human beings are successful to this extent and differ from animals because of capability to think and act socially. This made their advance in all fields including their culture. Also, thinking socially helped the humans to advance spiritually. When we loose objectivity, we are as good as animals, who don’t think more than a meal. It doesn’t care about any thing else other than its own welfare. I don’t know whether objectivity is better for today’s world or go by subjectivity. But I am sure, subjectivity will definitely give you a good and pleasurable meal for the time being. You will be well respected or made to be respected among peers. You will be attached with more responsibilities and titles. You will be praised and kept in high esteem. But believe me, all these are for a short span only. The subjective nature which helped you to achieve all these will recess to bottom, when another one takes prominence, may be through another person.

Objectivity is a solid human trait and will sustain till your death. It’s not subjective to the changes in this world. It’s a long, sustainable human trait. It helps you achieve respect rather than subjective pleasure. It creates a man in you, a human being and more over a social animal. May the almighty, Jesus Christ, help you to look at things objectively and sustain this trait till your death. This is my earnest expectation for you – my friend.

Shibu Raj


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