Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rebirth of Earnest Expectations

My last post on Earnest Expectations was on March 10, 2006. In that I stated my expectation of having a new face and home for my musings. But somehow that didn’t work out as planned. Also in the past 3 years and 11 days lot many things happened in my life as well as yours. Also the whole perspective of the world changed, different news materials flashed the TV screens and also so many things happened in all your life as well. In short all these things helped me; am sure for you as well; to understand the four letter word "LIFE" little bit more. I am sure these things will mold our thoughts for a better future. I feel like may be last three years worth of experience will make me a better person in writing what I feel and better communicate to all of friends here.

Like most people lately I am also getting affected by the financial hardships because of the uncertainty in financial sector. As an IT person I am also experiencing the changing dynamics there. Till I see some changes I won’t be making a move to buy the domain for my blog. Right now, I am planning to stay here and add more of my thoughts rather than fooling around.

Before I take my hands out of the keyboard; I thought about what made me not to write this long. When I look back I don’t have any well defined reasons for not writing. All boils down to the certain way of thinking, feelings we stick on, negative thoughts which take all the energy from our daily life. I just defined four very broader categories. Each person can define their own emotions and attitudes in their own ways. All of these can be categorized or generalized in to the above four. Once you stumble upon the above kind of thoughts; I drag you down. You feel like you are helpless and just want to stay afloat. But these thoughts will take out all the energy and charisma you have and then brag you down further more.

To get out of these emotional pitfalls is not easy at all. It is very cumbersome and you won’t feel like trying to get out of that. It is very tempting for a person to stay like that. Once you do; it leads to all kinds of laziness. I term as these kinds of attitudes and emotions as "Parasites". Parasites live in the host and take the energy out of the person. Be away from all the negative things in your life. Some of the common ones which you don’t think they are parasites are Movies, TV , Internet etc. Take a deep breath and do something new which you won’t do on a daily basis.

Get spiritually stronger. Read the gospels and mediate on the verses that strike you most. Think about the parasites which are affecting you too much. Pray hard to make sure that you won’t get bogged down by those elements. Also may the good lord give us strength to overcome the effects of parasites and inform us through his words on how to act positively when a parasite tries to take root in us. Also pray for others who are also in similar suffering to give them strength. Extend the needed help if you can. Also try to reach out and offer words of peace and kindness to others.

I am not sure I did justice to this piece of post. I know we can talk too much on this; but putting an act together is always the challenge. I will just stop here my friend. I am praying for all of you and I expect earnestly that all of us are free of parasites and unwanted desires.

Shibu Raj


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