Saturday, March 04, 2006

Welcoming Anitha in to my small family.

"You can show others the goodness of god, for he called you out of darkness into his wonderful light" 1 Peter 2:9

God blessed me with lot of opportunities, a good and caring family, good education and a Christian life. I know he had given all these because he had a special purpose through my life in this world. It is not to enjoy these amenities but to live a Christian life with all these blessings. For this special reason only he called me out of darkness in to his wonderful light. I always thought of giving back some thing which I enjoyed in my life. But I haven’t done any thing concrete till this time.

Last week I came across the blog by Anderson Coppers of CNN. He talked about nightly commute of kids from one village to other to escape from the hands of kidnappers. These kidnappers take away the kids of all ages and train them to fight against the government and for other illegal activities including carrying drugs. People of this region are afraid to stand against them as they are always equipped with arms and threatened to kill any one who stand across their way. He even narrated experiences of people who are taken away by these people but later escaped. Girls are raped and humiliated by the leaders of these gangs. They treat these kinds much worse than animals. The stories are so touch and mind-boggling and I couldn’t completely read those blogs. He also stated some of the good works done by organization like world vision at these places to help the local community in protecting their kids from these evil hands.

I looked through the world vision website and totally impressed by the very good work they are doing for the children across the world. It is a trustworthy organization working for the uplift of children across deprived areas including India. They provide these kids with vaccinations, vitamins, good drinking water and educate them to be good citizens of tomorrow. They also have a program for people like us who can’t go to each one of these kids and provide them with the needed help. World vision helps you to identify a child and sponsor her as long as you like. You send 30$ to world vision for a month and they provide the assistance to the child you identified through their own organizational network.

By having a commitment like this, world vision will help these kids on behalf of you. It’s like you are helping these kids to achieve greater success in their life. Even if it is small, do some thing that makes this world a better place to live rather than not doing any thing. Make this world a place to live for you and for the future generations.

I have identified Anitha from India and started sponsoring her through world vision. She is now 3 years and I will support her as long as I can. In the coming days I look forward to sponsor more kids like Anitha if I have enough money to support them.

I encourage each one of you guys to do the same in what ever ways you can. World vision is one such organization that can help you in this matter. You can choose how you want to do, but try to do some thing. May The Almighty – Jesus Christ bless you with the necessary thoughts and deeds to make this world a better place to live. This is my earnest expectation about all of you.

Shibu Raj


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