Saturday, March 04, 2006

Many are called, but few are choosen

As many of my friends know, I spend good amount of time in Borders for studying, for reading and also for fun. I have some great friends there and I really like spending time there. I do most of my blogs when I am at Borders. Today when I was going through a grammar text to brush up my English skills, I came across a nice sentence which caught my attention. This sentence reads like this "Many are called, but few are chosen". This goes in accordance with my thoughts for the very same day.

I often experienced situations like this in my life where I was among the few people who are chosen for a particular event. Often time, I sat in the other side also: the people who are called but are not chosen for a program or the aspect in discussion. Both instance you will go through different state of mind, a very different experience and very different personal moods. In one case you are like a winner and in a joyful state but in other case it is just opposite. It is needed in a person’s life to confront these situations as it makes a person a better human. This makes a person to respect the winner as well as the looser. This also helps a person to accept the reality of this world’s life and take it as it is given to us by Our Holy Father. In other words, we cannot expect to be a chosen person always in this world. God provides us with necessary nourishment whenever it is required and in required amounts only. Some people look like they are always a winner in what ever they do. People may coin some examples too. I am not claiming that it is wrong in any manner. It may be true in same cases but not always for sure. We need to value the scale on which we measure a person and then only we can claim whether he is always on the winning side. Most often, these always positive cases are stated with just one particular aspect in mind. I would say that is too narrow and that is the same reason for which it turns out to be a false positive statement. If you look things in a very broader manner, taking in to account all aspects of a person's life, then each one of us should have gone through a case like we are called, but are not chosen.

The gist of the matter is, even if we are called it is not certain that we are always successful. The opposite is also true. So, as humans we need define our destiny. We can model our destiny by having a strong faith in God and having good will for others. As the bible says we are a group of people chosen by god; this is the only concrete case where are all the people this world are chosen; chosen to believe in god and enjoy the marvelous joy of fellowship with God Our Savior. This is great, wonderful and long living than being chosen by some worldly bodies. By having a strong faith in God, model you destiny and be a chosen person in the kingdom of God.

This is my earnest expectation for you my friend.

Shibu Raj


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