Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Moving to my new Blog @ Blogger.com

To start a new blog or not ...

I was crazy moving from one blog provider to another for some time. Initially I started with www.blog.com. I think that is by year 2003 and it happen to be on mother's day. I used that for almost a year, with out much activity. Then by early this year - 2005 when I was in DePaul University, I moved to msn spaces: a blogging service offered by MSN. I used that effectively for some time. But it lacks lot of capabilities which I need right now like desktop blogging, availability of themes and ability to move the entire contents from one provider to another. This is a long-term requirement for me as I am thinking of putting on my own blog software in my server under a sub-domain. Blogger provides all these requirements which I talked about right now. I hope and I like to stay with this service for some time. Moreover; you can provide advertisement using Google AdSense and can make some money if needed.

Why I need a blog and what am I going to write there?

This is a haunting question for every novice blogger. If I can answer this to my 100% satisfaction, then I think I overcome this frustration. But like most cases, I wont be able to answer this in a day or two or in one or two sentences or in paragraphs. Only time will prove whether I overcome the frustration of blogging - especially the frustration of what I am going to write here. Personally, I look at this blog from a very different perspective. Rather than putting day to day activities of mine, this is a green barn for me to shed all my ideas and thoughts ranging from computers, politics, philosophy and religion. Some of my views are biased and some are very neutral. As I said earlier; these are my views about the whole world and I am sure it is influenced by my own experiences, thoughts and feelings. I hope this is what you, my readers or my friends, wants to see here. I admit, whatever I am going to put down here is going to be a subjective analysis of things from my perspective. I look forward for your views, comments and ideas. I value those much more than any thing else. Besides; if you can point out the mistakes which I make here, whatsoever, that will be great. This is just a learning place for me and really appreciates your help in this regard.

May the almighty give you strength, courage and the will to endure the hardships of this life with cheer, fun and forgiveness. This is my earnest expectation for all the human beings in this world and the world to come - especially my expectation for you - my friend.

Shibu Raj


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